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Family of James Dare SUTTER and Mary Katherine SNODGRASS

Husband: James Dare SUTTER (1954-2018)
Wife: Mary Katherine SNODGRASS
Children: Lauren Elizabeth SUTTER
Kathleen Anne SUTTER
Carolyn Michelle SUTTER

Husband: James Dare SUTTER


James Dare SUTTER

Name: James Dare SUTTER
Sex: Male
Father: Earl Anton SUTTER (1932-1996)
Mother: Barbara SINFIELD
Birth Mar 5, 1954 Seattle, WA
Occupation Accountant
Death Dec 18, 2018 (age 64) Portland, OR

Jim spent his early years in Sunnyvale, CA. He was active in Boy Scouts, often spending the weekends camping and earning the rank of Life Scout. As a student at Sunnyvale High School, he participated in basketball and track and still holds the record for the Fosbury Flop. He graduated from San Jose State University in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. It was there that he met the love of his life (a fellow accountant), Mary Katherine Sutter (née Snodgrass), whom he married in 1978. They lived in San Jose, CA for many years and moved to Portland, OR in 1998 into what Jim, a lifelong lover of nature, referred to as his tree house. At this time, he also joined Mary in her private accounting practice, growing the firm together. Throughout their marriage they enjoyed traveling, sailing, wine tasting, attending plays, and sharing soufflés for dessert. They most enjoyed raising their three daughters. Jim and Mary delighted in parenting and spending time together as a family, whether this meant cooking Jim’s famous spaghetti and meatballs, trips to national parks, or watching a movie together (Star Wars was a favorite). Jim was often the photographer for these family gatherings. He also liked gardening, reading, weightlifting, art, and following politics. He was keenly interested in business, finance, and investments.
resided San Jose, CA
resides Portland, OR

Wife: Mary Katherine SNODGRASS

Name: Mary Katherine SNODGRASS
Sex: Female
Father: John Tabb SNODGRASS (1930-2010)
Mother: Lorraine Theresa LEROUX (1927-2018)

Child 1: Lauren Elizabeth SUTTER

Name: Lauren Elizabeth SUTTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Clarence Wing-Chung CHAN

Child 2: Kathleen Anne SUTTER

Name: Kathleen Anne SUTTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Andrew David HERSHBERGER

Child 3: Carolyn Michelle SUTTER

Name: Carolyn Michelle SUTTER
Sex: Female