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Family of Erich MENDELSOHN and Nechama BRUMER

Husband: Erich MENDELSOHN (1905-2001)
Wife: Nechama BRUMER (1914-1995)

Husband: Erich MENDELSOHN

Sex: Male
Father: Max MENDELSOHN (1873-1955)
Mother: Sophie RISCH (1878-1950)
Birth Jan 5, 1905 Poznan, Poland
Death Nov 10, 2001 (age 96) Tel Aviv, Israel

Wife: Nechama BRUMER

Name: Nechama BRUMER
Sex: Female
Father: Shlomo BRUMER (1876-1942)
Mother: -
Birth Mar 15, 1914 Zmigrod, Poland
Death Oct 3, 1995 (age 81) Tel Aviv, Israel
Burial Oct 5, 1995 Israel

Note on Wife: Nechama BRUMER

Married to Jacob Auerbach in Germany, went with him to Israel.

Divorced because of his infidelity.